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Published 02 July 08 09:23 AM | Unlimited Potential team 

The following guest post comes from Kablujen Digerati, a team of finalists representing Malta at last year’s Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals. They developed an innovative system for the classroom, KIKI, built on Windows MultiPoint technology.



We got to know about the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition from our department (CSAI) at the University of Malta.  Our supervisor encouraged us to participate in the contest and to come up with an innovative system which would enable all students to participate actively in all the educational activities that are carried out in class. For this reason, we decided to take advantage of Microsoft's new technology, Windows MultiPoint, to develop our system, KIKI (Key to the Integration of Knowledge and Innovation). After being chosen as the best project to represent the University, we took part in the Maltese national Imagine Cup contest, which we won. We then competed against Lebanon and Jordan in the East Mediterranean regional contest and made it to the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals 2007 in Seoul, South Korea.


In the meantime, Microsoft was promoting another competition as part of Imagine Cup 2007. All teams who made use of Windows MultiPoint technology and participated in the Software Design category were also eligible to participate in another contest with the prospect of winning a 4-month internship at Microsoft Research India.  We thought that this was a great opportunity for us, and thus we decided to submit our project for this contest. On July 4, 2007, we received an e-mail from Dr. Udai Singh Pawar to proclaim us as the winning team of the Windows MultiPoint contest! From July 7th to October 25 2008, we shall be at MSR India in Bangalore to undertake this internship.


More information about our team and project is available on our website,, where you can find:


1)   A scientific paper describing our system, which we presented during the Computer Science Annual Workshop 2007 (organized by the Departments of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence [CSAI] from the University of Malta).


2)   Links to several articles about our team, project, and experience, such as the article published on the MaltaDev.NET site.

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