The team is grateful towards the various entities and individuals that offered their invaluable support throughout the project. The following list only mentions people with whom we had direct contact, and is by no means complete.

University of Malta
  • Dr. John Abela, our mentor and academic supervisor
  • Mr. Michael Rosner, head of the CSAI department
  • The Board of Studies for Information Technology
Ministry for Investment, Industry and Information Technology (Malta)
  • Ms. Maria Elizabeth Schembri, from the Information Society Secretariat
  • Dr. Austin Gatt, Minister for Investment, Industry and Information Technology
Microsoft Corporation
  • Nick Tonna, Microsoft Malta
  • Samer Chidiac, Microsoft Middle East
  • Udai Singh Pawar, Microsoft Research India
  • Andrey Terekhov, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe
Kulleġġ San Benedittu Żurrieq Primary School B
  • Mr. Joseph Fenech, head of school
  • Ms. Mansueta Cutajar, teacher
  • The students of the Year 5A class
  • Richard Cassar, videographer
Prisma Technology
Studio 7
  • Theresa Zahra
  • Joe Debono Jr.
The Maltese Judges
  • Francois Grech, Exigy
  • Robert Gauci, Exigy
  • Steve Giordano Imbroll, Atlas Technology Group
  • Attard Alan, MITTS
  • Noel Cuschieri, MITTS
  • Nick Tonna, Microsoft Malta
Family Cauchi
  • Sylvia Cauchi, for all the delicious meals
  • Aaron Cauchi, for the network setup and support
Individuals and Teams
  • Joanna Ripard, Times Of Malta reporter who accompanied us to Seoul
  • Park Sun-Ok and Cho Young-Hwi, Korean student supporters
  • Marco Muscat, Imagine Cup 2006 Software Design finalist
  • The other teams from UoM and MCAST for the competition

The listed entities and affiliations are preserved as a historical record from August 2007, and have not been updated with changes since then.