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Kablujen Digerati is the team from the University of Malta that represented Malta and the East Mediterranean in the Software Design competition of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2007. We participated in the Worldwide Finals, which took place between 5th and 11th August in the beautiful city of Seoul, South Korea. We succeeded in winning the MultiPoint competition, organised by Microsoft Research India, thereby being awarded a 16-week internship with Microsoft in Bangalore.

Kablujen Digerati consisted of four students reading the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc. IT) honours degree, specialising in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAI) stream: Abigail Cauchi, Jennifer Fenech, Karl Fenech, and Luana Micallef.

About the name: “Kablujen Digerati” is a double portmanteau, with “Kablujen” being a fusion of the initial letter(s) of each team member’s name (Karl, Abigail, Luana, Jennifer), and “Digerati” being an English word derived from “digital” and “literati”, and means “people knowledgeable about digital technologies”.

Abigail Jennifer Karl Luana
Abigail Jennifer Karl Luana